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Why VSSL Media Collective

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Welcome to VSSL Media and our Growth Accelerator by Chad Tempo

Fractional CMO, Marketing Consulting, Advertising Consulting and Growth Marketing

One of the most challenging times in a start-up or small-medium business is knowing why, when and how to start scaling. Investing in marketing can scary and often times daunting to the point some never take the leap. VSSL media was created to simply accelerate the growth of your business, by understanding why, how, when and what medium or channel of marketing to leverage first. In so few words, there's a lot too unpack but we are here to identify growth opportunities for you.

Founder Chad Tempo has spent 15 years in digital marketing and e-commerce, beginning in retail and operating a retail e-commerce on Wordpress. This was in 2007, well before Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce and all the helpful tools these platforms provide today. Over the course of the last 15 years, he has gained experience through learning in D2C and B2B businesses environments. The most common challenge we see is from the top, with a marketing strategy and tactics, and executing, managing, testing, optimizing and nimbly making adjustments to improve your objective and furthermore reach your goals.

This is Chad in b&w... Meet him is color below

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Who is Chad Tempo

Growing up in the South Bay, more specifically Manhattan Beach, CA, Chad spent most of his childhood engrained in the action sports industry. Surfing for P.E., racing BMX and motocross on the weekends, and skating for fun with friends. Surrounded by cutting-edge culture and the 'who's next' of brands, it allowed Chad to see the evolution of cultural trends and the mediums in which they are marketed and sold.

Cutting His teeth in the e-commerce and marketing realm back in 2006, He quickly found digital connectivity and power of tech integrations fascinating and challenging. Spending his early years learning Adobe creative suite, Wordpress and social marketing.

For the next 12 years Chad would lead Strategic Partnerships with major Demand-Side Platforms (DSP's), Supply-Side Platforms (SSP's), product management for a SaaS based three-sided marketplace, leading sales and acquisitions and executing media partnerships with Fortune 500 brands like, Proctor & Gamble, HULU, ESPN, AirBNB, and more... After an acquisition, He spent 15mo in the NCAA media-rights and sponsorship space until yet another acquisition was made.

Moving forward, for the last 4 years Chad again focused his time growing D2C brands and developing growth strategies. Making vast impacts on brands like Oregon's Wild Harvest, Hydroflask, Companion's Best Diet, Pinnacle Nutrition Group and advising on others.

In his free time you may find him riding bikes (motocross, road cycling and mountain bikes), surfing or adventuring with his family. Chad enjoys the health & wellness space, often learning about new health trends and ways to optimize health and fitness, pushing himself mentally and physically in the sports he loves. His inspirations primarily fed from podcast and connecting with his large network of professional and mentor groups.

In a nutshell, Chad's experience is deeply rooted in growth marketing and its subset of advertising at scale... His passion lies in the growth of start-ups and SMB's.

What is 'VSSL'

'VSSL' pronounced 'vessel' was the creation off a business solely focused on moving in a direction. The term vessel has multiple meanings, most commonly known as a craft for transporting goods from one place to another.

To us, VSSL means accelerating a business or brand from one level to the next.

VSSL Media is led by Chad Tempo, but acts as much more. VSSL is a foundation for development, growth marketing and revenue acceleration. Taking data-driven, proven strategies and implementing tactics and executions that have proven to work. We have a collective group of individuals on hand to assist for scale in all areas of services.

Take a look at VSSL Media's services and book a discovery call to share your story and challenges at hand.

Why VSSL Media

Over the course of time, we have seen the challenges start-ups and SMBs face during growth. Most common questions we get asked are how do we guarantee ROI? or How much ad spend do we need to see effective growth?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Some businesses don't spend a dime on advertising and grow at 200%. Some solely rely on advertising. Others choose Organic SEO and write an abundance of content to generate traffic and leads, while others don't have a single bit of content on their digital footprint.

I revert back to something key in the foundations of growth at the start of every conversation. Identity. Identity in your 'why', identity in your 'who' and identity in your target market. A good industry friend of mine share a phrase with me that resonates every time.

'you need to be something to someone before you can be something to everyone'

VSSL is going to take this foundation, utilize the data provided or get your start-up integrated to measure the right data, then build strategic plans that suit your specific solutions. From here, we grow.

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